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Fil the Mini-Elephant Blog

Fil at the Apple Farm

Starting back in 2012, I decided to see what blogging was all about. I had heard a lot about it, WordPress was on the scene but newer at the time and was marketed towards bloggers before it became more mainstream. I did not really know what I wanted to blog about and really did not expect anyone to even see it, so I decided to start Fil the Mini-Elephant blog. However, surprisingly strangers did start coming to see it, and even follow it.  

However, life happened, and I took a large break from it, years, and years in fact. With that time 9 years ago, so much has changed in technology and social media. Recently, I have taken a renewed interest in getting the blog back up in running again. It is about Fil an elephant that goes on many travels, adventures, and places mostly in and around Minnesota, but also on other adventures as well. 

The renewed interest was also sparked because my first book Fil Goes Camping was released in October 2021, and it was a pet project I also had been working on for years. Now my pet project is out, and available to anyone in the world if they so choose, with more stories on its way both in the Children’s Book format as well as short stories and adventures on the Fil the Elephant blog, still free for anyone who reads it.  

I have kept everything as is, my poor grammar and spelling mistakes and I am continuously working on improvement on how to tell my stories and even formats to tell them. I have never been the best writer, or even the best with grammar but I love to tell and share stories, it helps me be creative in a world where everything I work on is very black and white.  

I have plans, big plans, in fact right now a bit scattered plan. They may or may not be successful as far as sales, or reach but that is okay, because I know I am trying, and continuing to try and I know I will just get joy from sharing one story with one person who feels brought back to their childhood, or a happy moment in time, and forget about everything else going on around them for just 5 minutes. To be that innocent person once again.  

So, for anyone interested they can follow Fil the Elephant at, it is still free to read, and free to enjoy. More updates are coming soon, and by signing up for the newsletter you can be the first to know about the newest children’s books coming out! Have a blessed October. 

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