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New Book: Fil Goes Camping

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Fil Goes Camping

It is almost here! On October 1, 2021 I am launching my very first Children’s book about a curious little elephant named Fil. Originally I had only planned to create on book and get it printed, to send as gifts to the kids in my life (Shh don’t tell them yet). This was more of a personal project to begin with, and the learning curve to get form point A to B has been bit of an expensive, but fun lesson! Now that I am almost ready to launch and be able to share my new book with the world, I am thinking about more stories and more adventures to take my elephant Fil on, and start creating a series.

Fil Goes Camping, is that this book is geared towards K-4th grade readers and children. I have proofed it to my 3.5 year old and he approves so even preschooler may enjoy this story as well. I was able to enlist in the help of an amazing digital artist Shey Kolee, and without her help this dream wouldn’t have been made possible. In this book, Fil is a curious little elephant who goes camping for the first time with his mom and dad, but Fil doesn’t always listen. Find out what happens to Fil when he doesn’t listen to his mom and gets lost in the woods. Discover the forest creatures Fil comes across along the way on his adventure.

This book will be available as an ebook (multiple platforms including amazon kindle), paperback (though amazon) and hardcover.

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