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New Fil the Elephant Website

For years, I have had a free blog site on, and it was a wonderful place just to play around with blogging and even learning the very basics of WordPress. At the time back when I started, I did not know much about WordPress, or even the difference between and Heck it was even before my Drupal days and even knowing what a CMS (Configuration Management System) even was.  

I have learned a lot over the years, the days of static HTML sites to sites with database backends and being able to leverage that has come a long way. Now they make it so easy that anyone can throw something together and get it up and running. Of course, you still need an expert and even a web developer to do complicated things for some businesses, but for simple starting out sites you can do so much with just a little bit of work. Sometimes the hardest part is choosing the theme, and the colors. At least that is hard for me when I am working on my difference sites. is the new site, and the 4th personal site I have done for some type of thing I have gotten going on, each vastly different, each for a different purpose. I hope that you check it out.  

Print screen of Fil the Elephant

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