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Duran Homes Website

Duran Homes is small property management company. They pride themselves in being hands-on landlords for low income tenets. There was a need to provide a better way to submit maintenance request and costumer service request issues, and submitting them through… Read More »Duran Homes Website

Personal Portfolio

This site was made in WordPress as a personal portfolio for helping to display her graphic design work for potential employers. This site was completed in 2016.

Bolton & Menk Website

New branding promoted for a redesign of the Bolton & Menk, Inc website. Working with an internal team of Marketing and Designers, we came up with a design that is more modern and cleaner. We also needed to keep data… Read More »Bolton & Menk Website

Halloween Website

One of the best and biggest times of the year for Goodwill is Halloween, so we put in a lot of effort to create our Halloween subsite and make it look really cool !  

Connecting the Dots

Here we made an interactive stand-alone website in about 3 weeks time. It was a rush job but the results turned out really great.  

Goodwill Easter-Seals

On this project we used a non-profit CMS called Luminate Online (Blackbaud) to try to modernize the site a little bit. We couldn’t do a whole lot, but putting in a few animated features and transitions via CSS really made… Read More »Goodwill Easter-Seals

Little Six

For this project I converted a static HTML website and turned it into a responsive more interactive site.

Mystic Lake Website

A very large and popular site was upgraded from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 which was a large undertaking. I did not do this alone, but with the help of a fellow developer we were able to migrate over thousands… Read More »Mystic Lake Website