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Speaker for SysAid Copilot

I was fortunate to join the SysAid Copilot Design Partner program in 2023, representing Bolton & Menk. At Bolton & Menk, we were at the forefront of technology and integrated smart self-service technology for our end-users. Not only did I help shape the generative AI technology in the SysAid ITSM ticketing model, but I also had the opportunity to be part of the Design Partner Program.

Now that the product is ready to go live, I will speak at the launch online seminar later this month. Although this is completely out of my comfort zone, it is an awesome opportunity to try something new in 2024!

During the seminar, I will discuss Bolton & Menk, why we applied to be a part of the Design Partner Program, how the experience was to be a part of this program, and how it is affecting our IT Support Team and end-users by providing faster answers.

Here is what you can learn about SysAid Copilot:

Unleash your productivity potential with SysAid Copilot – innovative generative AI-powered capabilities.

  • Future-proof your ITSM with AI: Understand the foundation of generative AI, how it works, and where it can best be applied for superior service management.
  • Dive deep into SysAid Copilot: Witness the AI revolution firsthand with a guided tour of our AI Chatbot, immerse into meaningful AI Insights with us, and see what we have in store for you on our AI roadmap.
  • Unlock AI Successes: Hear how SysAid Copilot has had a real-world impact on IT teams; helping to skyrocket their productivity, crush MTTR, and accelerate efficiency.

Find out more about Bolton & Menk and learn more about SysAid.

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